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E40 E27 High Power 60w LED Corn Lamp Bulb Waterproof. LP-2835-60W: AC 85-265V, 60W, 5800-6000LM

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E40 E27 High Power 60w LED Corn Lamp Bulb Waterproof.



1. LED Quantity:

280 pcs

2. LED Luminous Flux:

22-24LM / pcs

3. Color:

Warm White/Cool White

4. Color Temperature(K):


5. Voltage (V):


6. Wattage (W):


7. Bulb Luminous Flux (Lm):


8. LED Viewing Angle:


9. Long Life (Hours):

Over 30,000 hrs

10. Warranty:


11. Outline size (mm):


12. Net weight (g):


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Led Corn Lights Product Features :

1. Aluminum shell, elegant, durable, eliminate heat, allow you to use more safely and would not cause a fire. Not dimmable. 30000 hours of service life, saving costs and maintenance costs.

2. ECO-friendly design, low energy consumption, reduced CO2 Emission.

3. Wide voltage input AC85-265V can be used in all field.

4. No spot, no black area, long lifespan and less brightness decay

5. High-efficiency LED chips can produce up to 6000 lumens of light output, with no waiting time to warm up to full brightness

6. A 360 degree's lighting angle to maximize its efficiency; a high brightness to suit both indoor and outdoor use.

7. Connect directly into large mogul E27 Base and alternative to sodium lamps & metal halide lamps..


Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Application.jpg

Led Corn Lights Applications :

Only used in indoor open high bay fixtures, such as gyms,warehouses,garages,offices,hotel, residential, corridor, kitchen, office, shopping mall, accent, shop lighting general, commercial, accent lighting, etc



Q: Do I need wiring / fitting alterations?
A: Generally no, most of our LEDs will retrofit into your existing fittings. However in some cases you may need to change the transformer/driver.

Q: Do LED bulbs get really hot?
A: They do not get as hot as traditional halogen bulbs. LEDs, like their halogen cousins, do produce heat, but because they are fitted with heat disbursement prongs within the bulb, the heat is moved away from the bulb which helps with the longevity of the bulb.

Q: What colour LED is best for use indoors?
A: Plenty! The two key ones which you will no doubt come across here are cold light and warm light. Essentially, the choice is yours where these two concepts are concerned. In terms of which is better for your home, it depends on how brightly you want it to be lit. Usually, warm light works best in homes as it manages to replicate daylight rather superbly. But again, personal preference is key.

Q: Do LEDs take time to “warm up”?
A: None at all. LEDs light instantly at full brightness.

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