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Smart home dimmer 220V crystal glass panel touch switch with CE,KSS-D8601-01EU

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Product Details

Smart home dimmer 220V crystal glass panel touch switch with CE




Product Features :

1. Glass touch switch for dimmable lamp.It can match all kinds of Incandescent bulb,Fluorescent bulb,led bulb

2. High-quality finish and timeless design.

3. It can work 1Watt-1000Watt bulb

5. Connection methods: L and N double-break switch



 this smart touch switch can control the light dim to bright  or bright to dim when you touch the swith panel on several seconds


Package and list:


Netural box 1pc of switch and the parts. details as follow:

1) 1pc touch wall switch with foam bag

2)  several screw and other electric parts

3)  chinese or english manual


Delivery time of bulk order and sample:


Usually the lead time within 5-20days after placing the order. the details times need to be follow the details order.

If there are much customized parts, the delivery time will be longer.


we accept the sample order with any quantity that will be shipping out within 1-3days. In general under 100pcs with standard crystal panel color ,we have stock.




Each switch is  2 years.

Lifespan: 100000 times by swith on/off

If the switch demage by humun won't be grantee,but we can help you repair.



1) we can follow buyer's design customized other color's crystal glass panel.the MOQ is each color 200pcs.

2) we can print the yours logo on the switch panel, the MOQ is 200pcs .

3) we can do yours design package , the more quantity of package, the cost will be lower.








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