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Remote On Off Switch For Lights

Smart Light Switch KSS-8601-EU02

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Product Details



2. Control Type:

Touch control

3. Control Gang:

1 gang 2 way

4. Voltage:

AC110 - 250V

5. Current:


6. Rated Power:


7. Rated Frequency:


8. Power Supply:

Single live line

9. Material of Panel:

crystal glass panel & flame retardant PC bottom case

10. Self Power Consuming:


11. Protection:

Over current protection, power failure protection

12. Color of crystal panel

White, golden, black

13. Dimension:


14. Wiring Box:



Product Features :


1. Soft green LED indicator in the dark, switch on is red.

2. Live wire touch switch, no neutral required, works with existing wiring

3. Low standby power, therefore the LED light will not flicker in the night

4. Works with LED, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent lamps

5. No electric arc, can avoding the older switch to generate the electric arc.

6. We use the crystal glass panel, it's damp-proof, leak-proof, water-proof

7. Instruction label on the back of switch,it's more convenient and safe for using.


Here: EU standard, US standard,UK standard




1) No MOQ, Small order and sampe order is ok.

2) If print your logo on the crystal glass panel, the MOQ is 200pcs each type.



Warranty: 1 years



1) Users can preset schedulignt so that lighting will automatically turn on / off at a particular time

For example: you can preset the lighting switching on at 7 a.m every day so that you can wake up




we provide sole agents overseas all over the world, if you are interested in, please contact us.



What kind of solution you can offer?

1) PCB Design and Produce

2) Function developement and customized firmware

3) Customized APP

4) Package design


Production Process:


1) Raw materials: For supplier of spare parts, our company has specialized QC to inspect the quality, So that make the finished product more perfect.

2) Sold: Using SMD Automatic, making weld tightly, more stable.

3) Debugging: strict in testing program, with  MCU Control broad test (Turn voltage and take load),Making voltage more accurate,reducing the failure rate.

4) Assembly: Using imported tricycle paint which spray on PCB, Can be waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion, make the products more stable and long term use.

5) Testing:  testing for sensitivity,dual-control study and all functions.

6) Aging test: Sensitivity test, performance test including of remote control,lighting and so on.

7) Finished check: Random inspection by QC in accordance with ISO9001 Quality control system

8) Packaging.



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