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Round SMD Led Bulkhead Lamp Sensor IP65 CE ROHS

Round SMD Led Bulkhead Lamp Sensor IP65 CE ROHS

round SMD led bulkhead lamp sensor IP65 CE ROHS LP-2835-12WR with Microwave sensor

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Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Product Parameters.jpg

Round SMD Led Bulkhead Lamp Sensor IP65 CE ROHS

                                                          LP-2835-12WR with Microwave sensor

1. Voltage:

AC 220V-240V

2. Power:


3. Luminous Flux:


5. CRI:


6. CCT:


7. Material:


8. LED:

88*2835 SMD

9. IP Rate:


10. Dimension:


11. Package:

Neutral packing, accept customer packing

Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Product feature.jpg

1. 120° sensing angle

2. Waterproof design suitable for outdoor and indoor locations

3. Reliable compared to the old generation, immediate full brightness with no warm-up time/low heat generation

4. Healthy light: don't make eyes feel uncomfortable. No ultraviolet and infrared radiation.  

5. Good heat dissipation: PC shell, elegant, durable, eliminate heat, allow you to use more safely and would not cause a fire. 35000 hours of service life, saving costs and maintenance costs.


Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Application.jpg

For bedroom, living room, study room, kitchen, bathroom or any place you need more brightness.



Q: What SMD chips are used in LEDs?

A: Lapu Lighting is proud to offer only the highest quality SMDs in our LED bulbs. This ensures our LEDs are at the highest level of cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Q: Do LEDs flicker when you turn them on?

A: Never. The way that LEDs work means that they always switch cleanly on or off. If they flicker, there’s a problem with the circuits inside.

Q: How does the brightness of LED lighting compare to traditional lighting?

A: LED light bulbs are much brighter than traditional lights of the same wattage, but LED bulbs are not available in very high wattage. For example, to replace one 100-watt incandescent bulb you may need two 5-watt or 6-watt LED bulbs. Although you have more bulbs you are still using 85% less electricity.

Q: How many days can I expect to receive my goods?

A: Your product will usually ship out within 3 business days for sample order, and 7-15 daus for quantity order. If there are any delays, we will let you know ASAP.

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